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  • Farm-to-table meals at the Finca
  • Air BnB 

To serve the Andean community through sustainable farming, community involvement, and volunteer opportunities.

  • Honor culture and community

  • Cross-cultural Learning

  • Authenticity

  • Empower ourselves and others to create sustainable abundance

  • Mutually beneficial relationships

About Finca Ellis 

Founded by father, Ronald Ellis, and daughter, Deborah Ellis Brock, in 2015.

Finca Ellis is a small, organic farm in the heart of the Andes Mountains just outside of Cotacachi, Ecuador. We are a community with a heart for sustainability, nature and working together with the Ecuadorian indigenous communities.

The events we host are diverse in nature and ever evolving as we partner with the indigenous community and volunteers to support further sustainability of the farm and the indigenous community.  Our events include indigenous classical concerts, mariachi bands, art shows featuring local artists, women's empowerment activities, workshops, and indigenous cultural events. Events are all centered around sharing the finca with others and giving back to the community. 

We create and sell handmade organic body and food products, unique spice blends and host enriching and fun events throughout the year to raise food and supplies for those in need within the indigenous communities.

Finca Ellis began as a little farm in 2015 when Ron Ellis purchased the farm in the indigenous community of La Calera Ecuador (1.5 hours north of the capital of Quito). Ron was a visionary and wanted to create a sustainable community at Finca Ellis working with respect, honor, diligence and dignity in partnership with the indigenous leaders, local community, and internationally to establish cross-cultural understanding, create opportunity and foster greater human connection through our various projects. Deborah joined her father Ron in Ecuador in 2016 to put their creativity together and began to realize the vision of the farm.


Since 2016 when Deborah joined Ron, so many things have evolved. However, sadly on August 24, 2017 Ron passed away unexpectedly.

        "Every day I miss his counsel, but we continue on with peace and joy as he would have wanted. Since 2016 we have created a strong infrastructure and have hosted guests from around the world." - Deborah

We look forward to meeting you when you join us at Finca Ellis!   

We welcome volunteers from the community or from around the world to join in the mission of Finca Ellis. Extended stay and daily volunteering opportunities available. 

Experience the beauty and serenity of Finca Ellis by staying with us. Private Airbnb rental and volunteer housing available.

Finca Ellis campus is ever evolving. Numerous projects are in progress including growing the organic and medicinal gardens, improving infrastructure for housing and events, and adding space for medicinal and holistic treatments. 



Handmade organic body and food products, unique spice blends, and delicious meals through farm-to-table experience at Finca Ellis.

All events are grounded in educating, empowering, and nourishing the human spirit in a cross-cultural, community environment. 

Events include concerts, food donations, farm-to-table dinners, women's retreats, and more!

All practices in our farming and lifestyle on the finca is focused on conservation and enriching the land.  As we continue to evolve our sustainable practices we make less of an impact on our surroundings and can live in abundance.

We curate and grow medicinal plants and herbs from the Andes and North America. We work with local universities who help us with their expertise to create ideal growing environments for the diversity of medicinal plants we grow. 

Stay up to date on the latest progress of projects, volunteer activities, and events!

We will be loading our blog posts soon for your enjoyment!





Ronald Ellis Tribute

March 15, 1944 - August 24, 2017

“ Never demand of other persons. Only give regard to what is openly said and agreed upon. Therein lies the way to calmness and peace.” - Ronald Ellis

Finca Ellis continues to grow in honor of Ron and his vision of living with joy and peace.  

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