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Our Team

The Finca Ellis vision is enabled through the work of the Finca Ellis team and our generous volunteers who have come together to make Ron and Deborah's dream come alive. We are grateful for everyone who has joined us along this journey!

deborah close up_edited.jpg
Deborah Ellis Brock

Owner and Operator

Deborah began the vision of Finca Ellis with her father and now is involved in all aspects of managing the day-to-day work of the finca, creating and implementing projects that are in harmony with the work of the finca, and coordinating volunteers.

alanso digging.jpg
Alonso Ulloa

Construction and Maintenance Lead

Alonso is from the local indigenous community of La Calera.  Alonso is an integral part of every aspect of the work done on the finca and helps bring the vision of the finca to life.

Julia Wiggen

Partnership Relations, Website Design & General Support

Julia is from Minnesota, USA and joined the team in 2019. Her passion for the Finca Ellis vision, immediate connection with the Finca Ellis team and experience in website design, leadership, communication, and project management led to a natural addition to the team. She is responsible for partnering with groups from around the world to build connections and bringing an impactful experience to students and faculty, wellness groups, volunteers.

Our Beloved Volunteers

Volunteers are a critical part of the growth and success of Finca Ellis. We are excited to have hosted volunteers from around the world!

A special thank you to Greta Simmonds, our logo artist, and Liz Wiggen, our communications expert!

Volunteer with the Finca Ellis Team
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