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We are actively working on numerous projects to help fulfill the mission of Finca Ellis- sharing food, activities and services with the community. We are grateful for the volunteers who join with the Finca Ellis team to make these projects come to life. 

Current Projects 

Food Forest


Here on the finca we continue to innovate and learn new gardening techniques to create greater sustainability.  Our next exciting project is the implementation of a Food Forest as we move away from more standard row gardening.  A Food Forest, or forest garden, is a type of garden plan that mimics forest growth patterns to ensure better yield, maximum light exposure, and simpler management while fostering greater biodiversity.


"Heart of the Andes" Loft

We are currently building an area on the finca where plant medicines from the Andes and North America will be prepared, and expertise from traditional practices will be shared. The goal is to provide a space that brings the traditions of the Andes directly to those who visit the farm.


Medicinal Garden

We recently finished our new greenhouse for medicinal plants. The goal is to curate and grow medicinal plants and herbs from the Andes and North America. We work with local universities who help us with their expertise to create ideal growing environments for the diversity of medicinal plants.

"Chicken Coop" Bunk House

We have an old chicken coop on the finca that has not been in use for the past several years.  However, with the influx of student groups coming to volunteer in the indigenous communities, volunteers, visiting volunteer tourists and the expansion of our cultural programs we need to grow!  The chicken coop is the perfect spot for this and will feature a roof top garden where visitors can enjoy the expansive vistas of the stunning Andes Mountains.


Volunteer with the Finca Ellis Team
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